For more than 30 years, Frances Paley has been exploring various media. Her work has

evolved from early investigations in sculpture using machine technology to large-format black

and white photography and on to airbrushed watercolor and pen and ink drawings in the


Over the past decade, Paley has integrated computer techniques into her photographic

processes to alter and enhance the color of her images. An Iris printer then produces fine art


Most recently, she has developed a body of work focused on figures, architecture and animals

that embody the romantic, mysterious and surreal. These large-scale images are the subject of

the recent exhibition at the Iowa State University College of Design. This work has been shown

at the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida, the Benham Gallery in Seattle, Washington,

and the Martin Chombi Photographic Archive in Cuzco, Peru. Acquisitions include the Polk

Museum of Art, the Orlando Museum of Art, the Centre Historique des Archives Nationales in

Paris, Frances, as well as various private and corporate collections.

Paley has a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University, a Master of Fine Arts

degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Master of Arts degree in psychotherapy

from Goddard College. She held a faculty position and administrative post at Rochester

Institute of Technology